I have never been one to keep up with a personal website, at least not for very long. I usually sit down for a weekend, design a website that looks great. After about a week after the website is finished I get too busy and forget all about it. This time, I am going to try and keep that from happening.

However, this webpage is dedicated to my passions: homebrewing, cooking, fountain pens, and general science. I am a research scientist by trade, so I love the scientific and experimentation aspect of all of my hobbies.

I have been a homebrewer for the past three years. It started with a Mr. Beer kit my wife bought me for Christmas. I quickly upgraded to the standard 5 gallon kits and have turned a hobby into an obsession. I brew as often as I can. I love sharing the labor of brewing my beer with close friends. Occasionally I like to serve my beers at events like the Emerald Coast Beer Festival. I'm also in the process of studying for the Beer Judge Certification exam.

Cooking is a hobby I've enjoyed for years, but I don't do as often as I should since my wife does most of the cooking. However, over the years I have developed a love for cooking grilled, asian, and italian inspired dishes. I'm currently in the process of learning charcuterie. I have a fascination with bacon and sausage.

In addition to homebrewing and cooking, I have acquired a fascination with fountain pens. I write a lot for my job, so having a pen that is fun to write with makes my job even more enjoyable. I also really enjoy that large variety of inks that are available for fountain pens. I spend more time playing with inks than I do with my pens. Fountain pens, to me, are like works of art, but are also functional.

I also greatly enjoy science of all kinds. I particularly fancy physics and astronomy. I have spent all of my educational and professional career delving into the unknown and educating others on what I find fascinating. Life without exploring the unknown is life not worth living.